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Internet, Mobile & Social Networking services.

In todays connected world, Internet has become a need instead of a luxury, and a push to ensure universal access is picking up steam. In fact, major internet giants have begun projects to ensure communities without Internet receive free access to the web.
Internet Industry operate in a highly competitive environment, subject to rapid technological change. Barriers to entry vary, depending upon the particular markets served. Internet operate on the global stage, and results often depend upon the performance of overseas markets and currency exchange rates. Moreover, weakness in the retail economy or lower online advertising expenditures can hinder the performance of many participants. Still, long-term prospects for the industry are fairly encouraging. Trends such as increasing worldwide Internet usage, overseas expansion, and the continued popularity of online advertising ought to further benefits in this industry. As a result, many industry participants seem well-positioned in attractive markets.
MuseON carry research and provide a wide variety of products and services in the internet industry. Operations includes, Web & Digital marketing solutions & Search Engine Optimizations services, IP solutions. As product offerings can vary widely within the industry, participants don't all compete with each other.

“ Mobile is the future of Software Development ” Eric Schmidt Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc.

Mobile application development is a billion dollar industry.The mobile phone industries strive hard to capture the attention of users through innovative and useful applications. Mobile technology can help save money, mitigate risk, and increase productivity. It can also attract new customers and retain current policyholders. Ever-more powerful data networks, mobile devices, and application software solutions are being packaged into attractive products that promise fast, hard-dollar ROI. And top-tier mobility vendors ensure that today's wireless solutions are more affordable, easier to use, and quicker to deploy.
Mobile applications have taken the world by storm and covered almost all aspects of human life. It can be a simple flashlight application or a dictionary or as big as a Google map navigation app. People think of an application, and it is available for download in the app store across leading platforms. These are the lighter versions of computer applications, promising of being rich in entertainment and information.
MuseON has developed mobile solutions as a service for users globally. We focus in developing mobile technologies which take customer engagement in the real time. The customers can easily get their work done or interact with a product or service with a simple touch. They can use the app to play a game and engross in engaging content, latest offers and price comparison. They can also get benefited with special rewards or be redirected other digital marketing channels through direct links. That’s why, mobile app is flourishing as one of the front-line brand touch points in the market.

Retail & Customer service

The retail market is expected to reach a whooping lakh crore business by 2016-17. Favorable demographics, increasing urbanization, nuclearisation of families, rising affluence amid consumers, growing preference for branded products and higher aspirations are other factors which will drive retail consumption.
Internet and Mobile technologies advancements have revolutionized the way the retail industry works from traditional retail. It opens up an opportunity for small to big retailers to reach the broader level of customer segments and increase their sales and revenues. Products and services are being sold online or on mobile devices and this trend changing the way people buy best products and services with ease and comfort of their own. Online and mobile stores are being developed for almost all kind of products and services. Here at this space MuseON has put its hold stronger by deploying custom made solutions for its clients that simplify their business operations.
MuseON is state of art Cloud CRM solution in retail can increase customer satisfaction, reduce your costs and improve your company's performance in the marketplace. This CRM software manages your relationships with individual customers to create advantages for both parties.CRM helps you gather information about each of your customers, including preferences and demographic data. You can use such information to segment your market and customize your approach to each group of customers.


MuseON is a technology company which provides technology platforms in educational segments. We provide custom product development and services with end-to-end solutions for educational institutions.There have been rapid strides in the field of education today.Information technology is one of the core areas of focus to adopt high-end technologies that suit educational purposes
Our solution and domain experts can study your scenarios & priorities, compare them with the Best Practices and suggest appropriate solutions which can bring about the best of capabilities & value proposition.
Our systems are to support critical operations at higher education operations management. MuseON has developed technology, tools, programs and solutions to help the educational organization to improve and manage the challenges in maintaining the operations at organizations.

Our core competencies include

Education Organizations
Management Systems

Learning Management

Online Exam modules

Manage Time-Tables and Event.

Information Management
for Students & Staff

Schedules Institute Facilities
like Classrooms, Labs, Hostels, etc. .

Oil & Gas

Industrial Safety & Automation systems include complex software systems with all kinds of requirements, measuring and control devices, Safety-Critical & Security, graphical user interfaces, communication stacks. A new software architecture approach allows safe and secure integration of these components on a single hardware. Our research team is now on a deep research in developing Solutions for Safety & Security system applications & control unit automation solutions that has a large scope in the world's one of the biggest business domain, the oil & Gas industry.
Gas/ Odor Detection Systems: We work with the instrumented safety applications and systems. These include systems that automatically detect, alarm and handle critical situations.
Our R & D has now ideaed an innovative solutions that can simplify safety critical situations in oil & gas industry. This will find solutions in detecting and controlling the leakage of poisonous and highly inflammable gas from the chambers, which occur accidentally at offshore- onshore fields. In such critical conditions, the system will have to identify the presence of toxic-inflammable gas and set the alert for emergency evacuation, Emergency Process shutdown, Activation of fire extinguishers, Overpressure Protection, Condition monitoring etc.